Good Color Combinations with the Color Red

As one of the primary colors, red is considered as the color which has a vivid and strong element. The combination of the color red with other colors can create different effects. To create good color combinations of red and other colors, you have to consider the impact which will be presented. As known that, the color red has an impact on great energy and also passionate feeling. Therefore, if the color red is combined with other colors, it might make the effect stronger or lesser. Moreover, this fact can be applied on any media whether it is a website design or home design or other media.

Red Combinations for Website

The color red is often selected to be the color of websites. This happens because the color red can draw the attention of the people to visit the website. However, using too bright color red can make the website disturb the sight of the visitors which tends to make them uncomfortable. Commonly, the color red is combined with the natural colors such as black, grey and white as good color combinations. These colors can be good color combinations with red to create schematic effects for the website. Moreover, the natural color is used for the background color meanwhile the color red is used for the pop areas so it will create a strong look. Thus, this combination will make the visitors easy to discover the content’s message.

On the other hand, if you want to create a warm feel to make the visitors comfortable enjoying your website, thus, the combination of the color red and yellow and orange make it good color combinations. However, the choice of the color yellow or orange should be decided carefully because it may cause more a strong effect. Therefore, you have to choose a soft gradation of the color yellow or orange. This will reduce the intense effect on your website.

Moreover, the color red can be good color combinations for your website to create certain themes or occasions. For instance, the combination between the color red and soft pink is very suitable for the website with the theme of Valentine Day. To create a romantic and gentle effect, you can use the color white as the background color. Apart from this, if you want to create the theme or Christmas, the color red will create the right feel if it is combined with the color white and green. This color combination is often used in the theme for Christmas. Thus, this combination is the right choice to make the visitors feel the Christmas experience.

Color Red Combination for Home Design

The color red can also create a certain impact for home design by choosing good color combinations. For instance, if you want to decorate your sun parlor with the combination of the color red, you have to choose the colors which will create a warm effect since this room receives much natural light for the sun. You can choose the colors of golden yellow, soft orange and lime green to make the room full of energy and life. The colors choice for the combination with red reduces the intense feeling which is causes by the color red.


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